About us

Cardiff Works offers exciting temporary jobs within Cardiff Council.

Employment opportunities are offered across a variety of sectors reflecting the vast number of roles across the Council. Cardiff Council is a voluntary living wage and an equal opportunities employer; we treasure diversity.

Our dedicated advisors match people looking for placements with suitable opportunities.

We offer short-term contracts that give candidates the chance to gain invaluable experience working for a large, forward thinking Local Authority.


Opportunities can include:

• Customer service / Call centre
• Home Care Workers
• Advice Trainee (for example, Into Work, Money Advice and Housing departments)
• Cleaners
• Project Management
• Hub Officers

We offer many entry-level positions. We can help find your ideal placement to build skills and experience if you are a school-leaver or are long-term unemployed.

In some cases temporary placements could lead to permanent jobs for candidates who have gained excellent experience, though this cannot be guaranteed. The temporary nature of the contracts enables successful candidates to trial multiple roles and gain a wide range of experiences across the various departments within the council.

Our goal is to provide first class opportunities for all; from those looking for their first job to those who are looking to gain new skills or even those who are just after a change! Our placements will provide the experience and knowledge to help candidates transition into sustainable employment in a sector that suits their aspirations.


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