Temporary admin roles with Cardiff Council

About us

Cardiff Works are an employment agency focused on offering temporary administrative and clerical roles within Cardiff Council.

We match recruits with suitable opportunities and offer short-term contracts that provide the chance to kick start your career.

Opportunities and experience

Our goal is to provide the opportunity for job seekers and career changers to gain the skills, experience and knowledge that will help them transition into sustainable employment in a sector that suits them.

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My CardiffWorks Experience

Jennifer has been working for Cardiff Council for 6 years, after signing up to Cardiff Works for a temporary role in 2016.

My CardiffWorks Experience

When Kate moved to Cardiff and was looking for work, she applied for a 3-month placement with Cardiff Works

My CardiffWorks Experience

Meet Tom, he came through Cardiff Works to find employment in a job he loves.

A Day in the Life of an Into Work Advice Trainee

Hi, I’m Sam. I’ve just started working as an Into Work Advice Trainee.

Finding Your Next Job

Ready to take that next step towards employment but wondering how to start?

Making yourself more employable

Learn how you can increase your employability and stand out during the application process.