Jennifer’s CardiffWorks Experience

Jennifer has been working for Cardiff Council for 6 years, after signing up to Cardiff Works for a temporary role in 2016.

The Cardiff Works process was quick and easy for Jennifer as she had worked for Cardiff Works 10 years earlier, so simply updated her details and let the team know that she was available for work.

In January 2016 she joined a small team at the Bute Park Education Centre (now Visitor Centre) and successfully interviewed for her full-time role in 2018.

“I felt very lucky that Cardiff Works took my interests, skills and experience into consideration when finding my work placement. I was offered an interview for a great job in a great team after just a couple of weeks of registering.”

“I was excited to pick up a role that offered me the chance to expand my experience and skills in the world of Events and Communications. This really does suit my skills set – though I was prepared to just accept a general admin job a stop gap while job seeking (which is what I assumed when I registered).”

Jennifer had worked for a Council team on a temporary basis back in 2006, the first time she registered for Cardiff Works.

“I enjoyed this role too. It gave me an insight into working for the council, some practical administration skills and was a real boost to my CV after graduating from University and before enrolling in my master’s degree in UWIC.”

Before taking the job with Cardiff Works Jennifer was self-employed and seeking more regular hours and paid holidays.

“I often recommend Cardiff Works to friends as well as our volunteers in Bute Park who are seeking work. It’s a great foot in the door to a job you will love or other roles with Cardiff Council.”

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