Kate’s CardiffWorks Experience

When Kate moved to Cardiff and was looking for work, she applied for a 3-month placement with Cardiff Works. That led to a 2 year role and then onto a permanent position where Kate now works in a job that she says is vital.

“A friend told me about Cardiff Works when I first moved to Cardiff as they too had gone through the process and I’m so pleased they did. It can be difficult moving to a new area and looking for employment and not knowing where to start however with the support from Cardiff Works, I immediately felt at ease. The application process was explained clearly and all staff were friendly and eager to help with any questions I had (there were quite a few)!”

Kate was sent the details for a business support role within The Education Safeguarding Team and initially applied for that.

“The job description was appealing and something I was interested in. I was fortunate enough to be successful at interview and soon started with the team based then at County Hall. It was advertised initially as a 3 month placement with opportunity for it to be extended. I was relieved when it was extended and I was in the post for 2 years!”

A job vacancy then came up in 2019 for an Education Safeguarding Officer post and through the confidence and experience she had gained from being in the team, Kate pushed herself to apply for the permanent role.

“I’m very pleased to say I was successful and have been in post ever since. I have learnt so many things since being in the team and feel I am making a valuable contribution towards safeguarding across Education in Cardiff.”

Kate has already recommended Cardiff Works to friends and says she will continue to do so as it’s a brilliant service.

“Had it not been for Cardiff Works, I wouldn’t be where I am today and for that I am very grateful. If they hadn’t sent me the initial job application, I wouldn’t be here now.”

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